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Bowl Bar

Bowl Bar was born from our sister business, The Little Green Grocery, where we made bowls and smoothies to order.  We quickly realized that we were not the only ones wanting to live and eat a healthier way.  We knew that the Bowl Bar would, when the time was right, need it’s own space, as the demand was great!


We have all been there before, we don’t have time to make something that nourishes our body, we wait too long to eat, and end up eating whatever is in sight and feeling sluggish or terrible afterwards.  What if there was a better way?  That is where the passion of Bowl Bar began.  Food that nourishes our body and soul.  Food that makes us feel fantastic afterwards.  Food that is made with love by our farmers and producers, and Chefs that create beautiful dishes.  Fast food, made with only wholesome ingredients. 


Healthy eating sometimes scares people away and they may think of tasteless, boring salads.  We are here to challenge that, and are excited for you to taste our Chef-created dishes that will excite you and leave you wanting more!

Kimberly Hurley

owner of Keystone Hospitality

Kim Hurley, owner of Keystone Hospitality, is passionate about healthy eating and living, and as a mother of 3 young kids, she needed faster, healthier options for herself and her family.  Living through autoimmune diseases and health issues, food became a source of life and vitality.  Healthy eating wasn’t a fad, but a way of life.  Connecting with our food and our bodies, how and where our food is grown, the farmers and producers involved, is vital to our existence and we are blessed to be surrounded by such talented and beautiful producers in our area and country.  We are so excited to be highlighting that at the Bowl Bar.  Trust me when I say, you can taste the difference when quality ingredients are used and talented Chefs and Cooks are involved!


Culinary Director at Keystone Hospitality

Arron Carley, Culinary Director at Keystone Hospitality has made an incredibly inspiring change to his life.  From being overweight and diagnosed with Diabetes, to 3 years later becoming a Triathlete (when he didn’t even know how to swim!) is beyond remarkable.  He did this with a lot of passion, hard work and discipline, but most importantly he looked at the way he was eating.  As the Winner of Chopped Canada, and one of the most passionate and skilled Chefs in our country, he has a lot of talent to share.  That talent has now been transformed along with his lifestyle.  His passion for healthy eating has created some of the most delicious wholesale meals imaginable.  The menu items Chef Arron has developed, were created then recreated and tweaked for months, to bring the perfect combination of flavours and nourishment possible. 



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